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What’s a Founding Member?

Imagine you joined a new membership site and you were the first person there… That would be boring. This is why we need you! 5,000 of you! You’re the early birds that are creating the foundation for Rendezvous. With your help, we will confidently launch into the Toronto and GTA market like superstars. Click “Become a founding member” and complete your registration. You can try the platform, although, you can only match against bots for testing until we’re launched. You may take advantage of our partners and everything else we offer until we officially go live in less than one month.

What's in it for me?

As one of our founding members, we thank you for your help by offering:

50% off your membership for life -- Even if you leave and come back!

Discounts at our Partners -- Who are they? Sign up!

50% off your first rose -- What’s this? Find out!

You’ll earn money for every approved friend referral -- How much? Come see!

You matter most. Without you, we're nothing. Your voice will be heard. You will play a huge part in design and feature approval. We’re built for YOU!


What's in it for YOU

Here’s a FEW of many amazing benefits sure to make your experience beyond compare.

Extremely easy to use! You’ll flow through our platform without ever asking what to do next. No tutorials needed.

Stop wasting time! Our bespoke date planner takes the time to plan your date to your liking, so you don't have to!

Personal Matching Experience! Schedule a consultation with our partner Carmelia Ray, Canada's most sought after matchmaker.


Goals & Values

We value your time, your effort, and mostly, your emotions. Our goal is to build incredible relationships inside and outside of our business while becoming the most effective dating platform in the world. By this we mean, we’d like to have the highest turnover rate in members ever! Let’s do this, with your effort, we WILL achieve your relationship goals.

We have some HUGE goals for the future. What are some of yours? Let us know!


From the CEO

Have you ever wondered if “matches” or “compatibility with another” were accurate? Or do they just trick you into thinking what they say is accurate? I have been a member of many dating sites. I wouldn't say I’m a bad looking guy or neither rude or obnoxious, yet my success with these companies were depressingly low. So I’d do the next logical thing and pay quite a hefty price for a membership. Because if I have to pay, there must be better results. Lonely and annoyed, I knew I could become the greatest matchmaker and deliver more value and benefits than any platform ever has. At Rendezvous, I want each and every person noticed. You will no longer go in circles, endlessly swiping through people, starting one dead end conversation after the other, or feel like a number. Our platform will be filled with personality and interaction. Reach our incredibly awesome team members around the clock at the click of a button. We cover every variable to ensure your success. I promise to personally contact every one of our members by phone to ensure your experience is as excellent as it can be (unless you opt out to be contacted of course). With RDV’s focus on goals and values, your matches will carry the potential needed to get you off this site and into loving arms.

~ Devin Gosselin

Dating Stats

Meet Online
By 2022, 99% of us will meet online.
No Swiping
89% are tired of the swiping game.
86% are looking for a romance.
Busy Bees
52% say they're too busy to meet other singles.